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What our Customers are saying:
As frequent visitors to Niagara on the Lake; we decided to try something different. Having walked and cycled the Niagara Parkway numerous times, we took the ESkooter for a ride. After a couple of 'skoots' around the practise track; I was ready for the open road; as it was just like riding a bicycle. We cruised along the Commons and Niagara Parkway paths watching the river flow by. The real bikers along the road gave us 'the biker wave' as we cruised along :) We also took a tour of the town exploring small, out of the way communities and neighbourhoods with vistas over the lake towards the Toronto skyline and Fort Niagara. A great day overall.
Fantastic Afternoon
My brother was visiting from Scotland and as a different way to explore the Niagara Parkway, two of my daughters joined my brother and I and rented e-bikes on our last afternoon together. It was the highlight of his two week stay. We had so much fun. After a short practice we were off. It was a very warm day but the breeze created by riding on the e-bikes made the ride along the parkway exceptionally pleasant and there is no better way to enjoy the scenery. I live locally but found a renewed appreciation for my surroundings with this mode of travel.We visited a few wineries, stopped for ice-cream smiled and laughed all afternoon. My daughter's are in their twenties and had not known what to expect but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Try it if you are in the area. I plan to do it again with the whole family this summer.



Best last-minute choice for our tour!
I had planned a big group outing to Niagara-on-the-lake and most people bailed in the last few days so I booked scooters for the four of us with E-Skoot. This was by far the best way to see the wineries -- we were previously going to do a limo tour but we would never have seen the beautiful scenery or enjoyed the gorgeous weather as much! We kept the scooters for the day and pushed them to their limit, traveling almost 40km throughout the day. They gave us a short orientation course with the scooters, as well as a map and showed us the best routes to take to get to the wineries we were hoping to see. We even forgot to check what time they closed their doors, and being half an hour late without a phone call, the owners were gracious enough to be happy we were safe, and call us a cab with a meeting place at a bar a couple blocks away. Great service! Thank you!
"Awesome, awesome, awesome!"

What more can I say? The eSkoot folks were awesome, the skooters were awesome, the route Colin gave us through the wineries was awesome, the town was awesome, and the recommended lunch at the golf club was awesome. Thanks guys for an awesome experience, and teaching my Wife how to ride (still laughing about it). Jim Thornton Pittsburgh, PA


"La Meilleure facon de visiter Niagara-on-the-Lake"

My sister and I visited Niagara-on-the-Lake last July and we loved the e-scooters. We used them one whole afternoon. We had never driven scooters before but we found the small tutorial very helpful, not too long, just right. It was very hot (35c) on that day so we found the breeze quite nice! Much better than cycling frankly. We stopped at some vineyards on the way, we drove by the Niagara river and the Lake Ontario. We just went EVERY WHERE.

We found the price right and the equipment in perfect condition. The battery did not even go down even though, during the 5 hours we had the scooters, we drove altogether for at least 3 hrs (shhhh, don't tell the owner...). It may be the warm temperature... We also found local traffic patient and careful. We loved to ride the country roads too.

We highly recommended it to a couple of friends and they loved it too. I plan to go back next summer and bring my boyfriend along. Truly I wish there were Eskoot franchises in Prince Edward County too and along Lake Huron, etc.

Oh, and some Harleys passed us by and waved at us!! What a feeling ... Lol!